Aliyat 1.0.0 beta3 released - Full changelog

Finally we release a new beta version with a lot of improvements and fixes.

Full changelog:

  • AliyatDB updated!
  • Implementation of Engine (Stockfish 8) for play and analyze positions!
  • Play vs 5 different difficulty levels.
  • MultiPV functionality!
  • Remember last search functionality.
  • Save/Open games with custom startpos.
  • Add openings in spanish languaje.
  • Improve search games from position.
  • Config position: Now you can define castles situation.
  • Reset password implementation.
  • Send feedback functionality. Now you can send us a message for any feedback do you have without leaving the application.
  • Lot of fixes and littles improves.

Keep in mind that:

  • This is an open beta with all functionallity.
  • In the next versions, free users may have ads.

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